How to get 4000 hours of views on Youtube

How to get 4000 hours of views on Youtube

It's no secret that the most popular platform for earning money, entertainment and pastime is YouTube. The main advantage of this service is the possibility of implementing in practice a variety of ideas and projects, as well as earning on them!

Naturally, not all users are given such a chance by the platform. But if you work hard and purposefully on creating content, you will get the opportunity to monetize your creative creations, getting a pretty sum for them.

It is for you that we have prepared an article on how to get hours of views on YouTube. Let's do it together! 

Initial data

In order to get your cherished dream and become the official author of the YouTube community (as well as receive income from your videos), you need to work hard.

Link a channel to an AdSense profile;

Gain at least 1000 subscribers;

Clearly follow the requirements and rules of the YouTube platform regarding the nuances of channel monetization;

Get for a period of time 12 months on