How to make money in Tik Tok in 2022: 10 ways

How to make money in Tik Tok in 2022: 10 ways

TikTok is a platform that is gaining incredible momentum in the pace of audience growth. According to the forecast of AppAnnie, an international analytical company, the number of active users of the social network will exceed 1.5 billion in 2022...

Advantages of the TikTok platform

TikTok has many account development options and different content formats. The algorithms of this social network help to bring the most active authors to the top of the video. Almost any novice content has the opportunity to get into the recommendations. The theme of the channel can be completely different: songs, dances, reviews of equipment, author's content, cooking and so on. The more videos get to the top, the better for promoting your channel. And now, let's go directly to the ways of earning.

1. Advertising sales

The easiest way to monetize a TikTok account is to sell ads. Description: an advertiser comes to you — some brand, store, business owner or the same blogger as you - and orders a commercial video from you. The essence of the video is advertising, services, goods, brand, business or blogger. The price for such a video varies depending on the level of activity of the author's channel: the higher it is (more likes, subscribers and views from the blogger), the higher the cost.

2. Partner programs

If you don't want to wait for offers for direct advertising, use affiliate programs. For example, from Aviasales — register in the ePN affiliate program. Shoot videos about travel and flights, provide viewers with useful information about promotions or discounts on tickets. Under the video in the description, leave an affiliate link to the services or product from the video. For each order of a service or sale of an advertised product, you will receive a percentage — from 1% to 70%. The amount of earnings will depend on the number of applications approved by the site and the category of the product or service itself.

3. Advertising other bloggers

This method of earning is similar to the first one. Only in this case, you are not doing PR for large brands and businesses, but for novice ticktockers. The most popular type of advertising is paid duets. You can record duets with novice bloggers for money. The cost of the duet will depend on the popularity and activity of your channel. 

4. Sale of goods and services

In a personal channel on TikTok, you can monetize your hobbies and skills: doctors and lawyers can sell personal online consultations, Internet targetologists can set up contextual advertising. This also applies to goods: for example, you make jewelry or handmade toys. Introduce the product to your audience: shoot some interesting and creative videos. Use your blog as a store. In no case should you focus only on sales — dilute the content. If you have a store that sells men's shoes, this does not mean that every video should be advertising.

5. Monetization of live broadcasts

When there are 1000 subscribers on the account, the possibility of live broadcasts will open. TikTok has an internal currency — coins. They are sold in the app. 

When there are 1000 subscribers in your profile, you will have the opportunity to conduct live broadcasts. TikTok has an internal currency — coins that people can buy in the app. Viewers who have bought coins can exchange them for virtual gifts and send them to the authors of the broadcasts as a thank you. For each sticker, the blogger receives 80% of its value. Bonuses received from viewers can be withdrawn, for example, to a PayPal wallet.

6. Cooperation with major brands

Well-known major brands work with popular bloggers. Ticktockers often become ambassadors. An ambassador is a person who must match the image of the company. He acts as an official of the brand: participates in image and advertising campaigns, advertises the company's products.

7. Advertising of musical artists

It's hard to imagine TikTok without music. A successful music track is 70% of the success of the video. For this reason, music artists order advertising of their songs from famous TikTok bloggers. The author's task is to record a video with a new song by a musical artist. The more viewers watch your video, the more famous the track will become. As a rule, performers buy the placement of their song in several commercials at once — 4-5 commercials — because this increases the likelihood that the song will become 'viral'.

8. Promoting your own brand

A well—known blogger can create a personal clothing brand - for example, jackets, T-shirts, sneakers. TikTok is a great platform for promoting your brand. This has to do not only with goods. Professionals in any industry — doctors, realtors, psychotherapists, targetologists — have the opportunity to promote their own brand. Bright, interesting and, most importantly, high-quality content that gets a lot of views and likes, thereby increasing the recognition of the expert. As a result, you will get a lot of potential customers.

9. Reselling of goods

In TikTok, you can implement a classic buy-sell business. This way of earning money is an excellent alternative to finding advertisers, a blogger can start his own mini-business. For example, resell some goods. Think carefully before purchasing the first batch of goods, analyze the market and the potential target audience. Selling building materials in Tiktok is most likely a failed idea. But the resale of clothing, branded shoes can contribute to a decent income, since this social network has a pretty young audience that will be interested in these offers.

10. Congratulations

You have the opportunity to sell personalized greetings in TikTok. For example, Merry Christmas, March 8th or Birthday. Users order short videos with congratulations for their relatives, colleagues, friends, loved ones. If your colleague or loved one is a fan of a blogger from TikTok, then he will be doubly pleased to receive congratulations from his idol. Naturally, you can't earn a lot of money on congratulations, because they are not ordered often. But in any case, this method of earning deserves your attention.