How to promote Twitter in 2022

How to promote Twitter in 2022

 Twitter is an interesting social network for short notes and small messages. The founder of Twitter is Jack Dorsey. The word 'Twitter' literally translates from English as 'twitter'. The logo of the social network accurately conveys the idea of Jack Dorsey: a small bird on a blue background.

Over the past 5 years, Twitter has gained quite good popularity, although the social network is really in great demand in the USA and Europe. Short messages are very easy to read, and most importantly – fast. Twitter is a success with users who value their time and do not want to spend it reading long posts. 

Despite this, some users drain a lot of time and effort to create a creative, fascinating or humorous post, 140 characters long. Such creative personalities have found their vocation in this social network.

Why do I need Twitter?

Naturally, you can find useful information on this site. Many bloggers add links to various publications to their notes in order to simplify the life of their followers.

On Twitter, you can advertise your sites. A high-quality and popular profile will definitely give you new subscribers. It is also possible to advertise other people's websites and earn money from it.

It is important to remember the main goal of any social network – communication. You can simply communicate with friends, acquaintances and other users using short messages.

How to become famous on Twitter from scratch?

At the moment, there is no universal advice that would show you a direct path to success on Twitter. To begin with, you need to register, and then work hard on your profile.

Naturally, you need to post a lot of posts. How to choose a theme? Beginners often cannot find the answer to this question, for this reason their interest in Twitter is fading ... The main goal is to arouse the curiosity of your potential followers! Think about the areas that readers are really interested in: interesting facts, news, sports, jokes, etc. Publications should be of interest to users. The more high-quality and original posts you publish, the more readers you will get.

Try to be creative. A resourceful pun or a thought with a twist is a wonderful publication for Twitter!

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In no case should you slow down your activity! If you stop regularly writing posts, followers will start unsubscribing. Success on Twitter is not really easy. Be prepared to work hard on your blog every day!

How to become successful on Twitter: 12 ways

Most bloggers are happy to share their knowledge with others. Their experience should be carefully studied, because they have proved by personal example that it works. Now on the Internet you can see a lot of ways that will help novice bloggers.

Interact with your followers.

It is very important to communicate with readers. You should not show yourself as a pretentious girl or guy and ignore your own subscribers. Initiate discussions with them, ask their views, thoughts, comment on their words in your address, etc. You need to remember one valuable thing – you need to 'Twitter' on Twitter.

2. Remember about the creative approach.

Gray and monotonous publications are not interesting to anyone. It is not necessary to spread piquant details, for example: 'washed up', 'woke up', 'went to work', 'had dinner'. At the same time, if the content is diluted with a little humor, it will be very funny, but in everything you need to observe a reasonable measure. 

3. Be yourself.

Do not create any image. 'Keep it simple, and people will reach out to you' is a great phrase that well demonstrates the approach to blogging. There is no need to pretend or invent something. Followers will follow you if you are sincere and open. Readers are interested in following a real, living person with his unique life story.

Don't be aggressive in your notes. Aggressive users only alienate the audience, so it's better to stay nice and kind.

 4. Avoid spam.

Nobody likes him. If you throw off 10 almost identical posts at a time, then readers are unlikely to appreciate such imaginary activity. It's not quantity that matters here, but quality. 

5. Publish useful content.

Most Twitter users are looking for interesting information there. A novice blogger can attract attention by publishing interesting facts, tips, and life hacks. Users will evaluate your creativity based on the value of the information, and they will also repost your posts to their friends and acquaintances.

 6. Hashtags.

According to analytics, many social media users prefer to search for information using tags. It will not be difficult for you to use several characters to add the desired hashtag.

 7. Fill in the page.

This is a very important point. The data in the Bio field should attract followers. An unfilled graph or fictional facts can alienate the audience.

'My name is Alina, I live in Paris' – that's not worth doing. Remember about the creative!

 8. Help readers.

Let's say you are well versed in some field (technology, makeup, law, medicine, etc.), be sure to share your experience with people. Thanks to this, you will gain respect and gain active and lively readers.

 9. Determine the best time to tweet.

There is a 'good time' in social networks when it is desirable to post your publication and get maximum coverage. Twitter has a similar situation. Analyze the time intervals so that as many readers as possible can see your posts. 

10. Activity.

If you want to be successful, you need to be more active. Tweets should be published regularly, so to speak, automatically. You need to understand that even one day without activity can bring losses.

11. Share the link on Twitter.

You have the opportunity to tell about your profile on other platforms. Leave a link to your Twitter account on other social networks, for example, on Instagram or Vkontakte.