How to get viewers on YouTube stream

How to get viewers on YouTube stream

Recently, it has become popular to keep a personal blog on YouTube. As you know, for most people this is an interesting hobby that can be monetized over time and get a good income. Therefore, YouTubers are trying to get the widest audience. There are many options to achieve this goal, the most well–known method is to conduct streams – live online broadcasts. To implement a successful live broadcast, you need to attract as many viewers as possible, which is not an easy task. The best solution is to cheat the stream on YouTube. This helps to increase traffic and bring the channel to the top for thematic queries, later the site itself will recommend your videos to a huge audience.

Why do they wind up viewers on YouTube

There may be several reasons. Below are the most popular ones:

The desire to get into the tops in the shortest possible time. It's no secret that live broadcasts are conducted in order to get the first position on the platform in a particular category.

Increase audience reach. It is reasonable enough, in particular, if a blogger is trying to share useful videos. In this case, he will gain a significant number of live viewers and a certain number of hyped people. The best option is to combine live views and cheating.

A live channel for communication is needed. The more people watch the broadcast, the more joyful the communication is. Based on a lot of activity, you can find yourself in the top for key queries.

You need to get the maximum number of followers. An increase in views will subsequently contribute to the acquisition of a new target audience. You will need to cheat sometimes to keep the coverage.

More advertising, more money. When you have a lot of viewers online, you will receive requests to buy ads. The number of donations will also increase significantly.

The growth of brand awareness or blogger. Even a small increase in views will have a beneficial effect on the channel.

Category recommended videos – in order to find yourself there without the help of cheating, you need to work hard. A lot of bloggers are not worried about this, and order the right percentage of viewers of the live broadcast.

If you have a goal to wind up viewers on a live broadcast, it is advisable to follow some rules. Try to publish bright, high-quality content every time, because with a large number of ordered views without exciting, intriguing videos, it is difficult to keep the audience. Do not use obscene words, be as polite as possible. Communicate with people, discuss various issues, build a dialogue. Upload videos according to the content plan. These tips help promote your blog to the top of the YouTube search engine!

Free cheat

If you want to wind up YouTube viewers, but don't want to spend money yet, you can use free sites. The principle of their work is w4w (watch for watch). Users are watching your videos on the Internet while you are watching their video. Moreover, the viewing itself is conditional – the user is authorized and receives the player code, which is activated when clicking on the link. It is not necessary to start the video, but the system records that the viewing has begun.

Stream Booster 

The platform makes it possible to promote Twitch and YouTube profiles, as well as promote new live broadcasts. Orders can be paid using the internal currency of the service. To get views on the stream, you need to book a place and make a payment. You can watch the broadcast and the main indicators (including the number of viewers received) on the 'view' tab.

The promotion is completely free, you only need to view the broadcasts of other users of the site. The main advantage of Steam Booster is that only real people watch.

Paid services

In free methods, registration is almost always needed – it takes time, besides, the result is not immediately visible. The main advantage of paid resources is that they guarantee a lightning effect. User-friendly interface, simple authorization via social networks or even its absence, there is no need to watch the intermediate result all the time.

The main thing is that, unlike many free sites, paid ones do exclusively live promotion. Some of them will be transferred to you as regular viewers if the publications arouse interest.


The platform is available in English and Russian versions. It makes it possible to wind up viewers on steam for different platforms – YouTube, Twitch. There are many payment methods.

The service uses a unique method of promotion and does not resell services to outsiders. The set of viewers proceeds smoothly enough, put the order to work – and expect to get a great effect. The site has the ability to automatically start the cheat at the start of the live broadcast, delayed settings, dynamic increase in the number of viewers. 


The service has a huge database of streamers, of which more than 90% are foreigners. The price of the subscribers' order directly depends on the quantity. Users are recommended to:

24/7 technical support,

secure promotion technologies,

a fully automated system.

Your channel will not be blocked, because it is not indicated anywhere that it is you who are engaged in cheating views, the service is anonymous. If the order is not completed in full, and the customer has a claim, the service undertakes to refund the funds. User information is completely anonymous.

This SMM promotion service in social networks is time-tested and has an excellent reputation. You are offered high-quality and fast promotion in more than 40 services. Webmasters, owners of advertising companies, bloggers, administrators of public sites and groups should register on the site.

Cheating viewers on YouTube stream

The system is fully automated. You order a service, top up your balance and spend money on its implementation, and after a few hours or days you enjoy the desired result. The cheating of viewers proceeds by such an algorithm:

- We use our email to create an account on the platform. We replenish the balance on the service in a convenient way for you.

- Choose the necessary social network for promotion (Twitch or YouTube) and the specific service you need.

- Enter a link to your channel and specify the number of required indicators (viewers, subscribers or views). The system will automatically calculate the cost of the order for you. We are waiting for the 'Order' button. After that, money will be debited from the previously replenished balance as the order is completed. If the order is partially completed, the balance of the funds will automatically return to your balance and you will be able to order other services with the same funds later.

Most of the services are of very high quality, with a guarantee for recovery, real people perform tasks for the reward that the service offers them. The profiles of performers fully comply with the requirements of YouTube and do not arouse suspicion.

A custom-made program to cheat viewers on the stream

If all the services above are not suitable for you for some reason, you can order a unique software development from programmers. The main advantage of this method is the absolutely accurate adaptation of the software to your requests and scheduled live broadcasts.

It is important to clearly describe the task and describe all the nuances. For example, the order may be as follows: create a program that will allow you to watch YouTube broadcasts online using a proxy in a multi-stream format. The main goal of the software is to ensure the cheating of viewers. Based on your input data, programmers will create a unique system for a particular channel so that it is highly likely to get into the TOP of the search.

Now you know how to wind up views on the YouTube stream. Use only proven online sites with a guarantee that make the promotion as natural and smooth as possible, thereby minimizing the risk of blocking from the platform.