How to get VK likes in 2022

How to get VK likes in 2022

For high-quality promotion of your profile or public, it is always necessary to improve the quality of content, make more creative posts. A large number of likes on publications shows the reach and interest of the audience, and also allows algorithms to better promote the account to get the highest quality effect. Most often, users rate posts or photos on Vkontakte, but only intriguing, informative publications will become popular. Very often, users who start working on a personal blog or group have a question about how to get VK likes for themselves. There are many programs and methods to achieve this goal.

Why do I need to cheat likes

Promoting a new page or group is a rather difficult process that can take a long time. To speed up this procedure, various platforms and services are used. Promotion can be free or paid, depending on the quality of the services offered. The most difficult task during the use of cheating is to retain the audience. Vkontakte algorithms will 'look' at the high interest in a profile or group and will automatically promote them for users with the same thematic queries and real users will start subscribing after the hyped likes. The best way to consolidate the interest of the audience and maintain coverage is to produce high-quality and creative content.

Preparation for cheating

It is impractical to promote an empty profile. It makes no sense to wind up likes or other activity on a personal page without high-quality content, except to get a certain status among friends and acquaintances, to be cooler than others. A personal page or a group must first be prepared for a long journey to fame. You need to visually design your blog beautifully. To do this, upload the account header and your personal data as accurately as possible. What kind of data should be filled in:

Link to your site (there is);

A call to activity.

Information about your content.

The next step is to form a content plan and start implementing it. All publications should be made in the same style, both the appearance and the internal content. This refers to comments on publications and photos accompanying their texts. After publishing a few photos, you can think about moving on to the next stage. Now that a personal profile or group looks tempting for real users, we turn to choosing a platform for promotion. Let's start with friends, relatives or acquaintances, inviting them to subscribe and support the initial activity of the profile.

Free methods

Nowadays it is quite easy to find services where it is possible to get likes absolutely for free. In most cases, the social network itself is used for this purpose. As you know, there are many groups for sharing likes and subscribers. People post links to the publications they need and ask other users to like them. As a result, activity in the public or on a personal profile is growing at a high rate.

Of course, you can also get VK likes through your smartphone. To start promotion, you need to log in to the official app store, so download one of the programs whose functionality does not differ from the communities described above. The best examples of applications and sites are shown below:

LikeTime is an application in which people post a link to the publication they need, and other users put likes on it. It is possible to add a new publication only after evaluating several previous ones.

Bosslike - the application functions as an exchange. Here users post tasks with which you can get only likes, subscribers, reposts and more. The service has an available setting based on targeting criteria, for example, men's only. For completing tasks, you get points as a reward, which you can spend in the future to create new tasks.

Ad-social is an application in which performing tasks you receive rewards in the form of internal currency - points. You have the opportunity to create your own tasks and use points to pay for them, becoming popular! With the help of this site, you can get likes, subscribers and views in Vkontakte, as well as in other social networks.

Purchase points from the services above, as well as other cheat services, such as Likest, Vkmix, Ytmonster, Snebes, Ytuber, , , you can in the store of our partners - . The advantages of the site are a very simple and user-friendly interface, prices are significantly lower than the market and there are many payment methods.

Paid methods

There are few methods of free promotion of VK likes, their main advantage is the lack of payment for the service. At a certain stage of promotion, troubles may begin. They usually relate to the applications listed above. People start swearing among themselves because of the wrong publication or the wrong user who needed it. As a result, the effectiveness of this method of promotion is rapidly falling. Therefore, at a certain point in time, the owners and administrators of groups pay attention to paid methods.


A fairly well-known service for cheating likes, which is very popular. People set tasks, the purpose of which is to like one or more publications by specifying a number of settings. An example of the latter is gender, age, place of residence. This platform makes it possible to get a lot of live likes in a short period of time. Interestingly, if most of the accounts from which the customer's publications were liked are blocked, you will receive a refund to the account automatically.


A convenient service that makes it possible to quickly wind up VK 'hearts' on your posts. The platform allows you to first evaluate your target audience, and then form a favorable content plan. In addition to likes, you can order reposts, comments and subscribers to social network profiles here. A good price also attracts new customers - only 13 kopecks for one like.


A very popular job exchange on the Internet. Customers lay out various tasks, for example, writing an article or putting a "heart" on a certain publication. Each time it is necessary to create a detailed description of the task, form a price and specify the conditions for checking the task. Usually, as a check, the customer requires the contractor to send a screenshot, and then manually performs the check.


With the help of the service, you can get likes for free only by completing tasks from your VK page. If you don't want to earn points yourself, you can buy them. The service makes not only VK hearts, but also reposts, polls, subscribers, friends on the profile. The execution speed is quite high, there are targeting settings by gender, age, country and others.


A service that promotes profiles in almost all social networks - Instagram, Youtube, Vkontakte, Telegram, Y.Dzen, Twitch, Coub, TikTok, etc. High-quality profiles are used for promotion. The promotion prices are very low - from 3 rubles for 100 likes!

Step-by-step instructions on how to get VK likes using this site:

Register on the website or log in to your personal account. To do this, you only need to enter the current email address, telegram for communication and create a password. 

2. Choose a social network for promotion, as well as a specific task

3. Choose the service you need for promotion

4. Fill out a small application (insert a link and the required amount), top up your account and wait for the start of your order.

5. As the order is completed, the funds will be automatically debited from the account, so it needs to be replenished in advance

Tips for further profile promotion

While the algorithms of the social network will "pick up" the user's page, he will only have to warm up the interest of subscribers. For this purpose, it is necessary to regularly post publications according to the generated content plan. Audience engagement must be constantly maintained in various ways. Tips for promotion:

Openly ask your subscribers to put likes and make reposts of publications;

Upload content only in prime time. You can find it out using public statistics;

Offer readers interesting conditions, for example, 'If the publication gets 100 likes, I'll post the next post';

Create contests. Even a small incentive prize of 100 rubles will allow you to quickly and qualitatively increase the activity of the audience.