How to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube

How to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube

Many novice bloggers are interested in the question of how to get the first 1000 subscribers to a YouTube channel. There are several ways and options to your attention. It all depends on how you decide to promote your content, for free or with the help of special services. In this article we will analyze popular ways. 

Defining the audience

The only drawback with free promotion is that the target audience comes slowly. First you need to find your target audience. To do this, upload videos on the topic that you are best versed in, or experiment — posting videos on different topics analyzing which of them attracts the most audience.


New videos should be released as often as possible. Especially at the start of the channel launch, you need to upload 2-3 videos a week, the growth of your audience depends on it. It is advisable to dial the first 1000 quickly, on the wave of activity, otherwise it may take a long time.

Video optimization

You also need to optimize the video. Optimize the title and description of the video for the key queries that are popular with users. Most of the traffic comes from watching a particular video, not the channel itself. Accordingly, the promotion of the channel directly depends on the quality of promotion of each individual video. 

After you have decided on the subject and the name, you need to pick up the necessary keys, the videos will be promoted according to them. Keywords directly affect the promotion of the video. These are popular user queries that describe the direction of your channel. Go to Yandex Wordstat and insert the words that best fit your video. The service will show the queries that people most often enter to search for information.

Choose one of the suggested popular options and use it when creating a title, do not forget to enter a catchy phrase after the key.

Live broadcasts

According to statistics, conducting live broadcasts has an audience, attracts more attention. The opportunity to ask you questions "live" inspires confidence among the audience. This will help you get more views in an hour and get the first 1000 faster.

Reposts in social networks

You can create the same thematic group in VK or Yandex.Zen channel. Develop these resources simultaneously with the Youtube channel, attracting the audience to view.

After the release of each video, make a repost in social networks, inviting the audience to view, comment and other activity. It is important to communicate with the audience and respond to all comments. You can ask friends or relatives to watch and put likes — it is important that the viewing was before the end of the video. Youtube algorithms track video viewing time and promote videos with the largest viewability. 


Watch similar thematic videos on the Internet, especially new releases, and be sure to comment. People will pay attention to your words, links and go to your Youtube channel, some will subscribe.


In an advertising campaign, the result depends on the correct settings and the selection of your target audience.

Types of advertising on youtube:

Embedded — which can be at the beginning, middle or end of the video. She interrupts the playback of the video and the countdown starts;

Banners — there are two types, pop-up at the bottom of the screen while the video is being shown (you can remove it by clicking on the cross), pop-up in the upper right corner, with an offer to go to the video. This type of advertising is considered popular.

You can set up banner ads yourself using Google Ads. You regulate the budget of your advertising yourself. 

LikeSMM Service

There are paid services to promote the channel. One of them is LikeSMM. With the help of the service, you can gain 1000 subscribers faster compared to free methods. You need to go through a simple Registration in the service to start promotion. All profiles of real users, with avatars and activity, which contributes to the qualitative promotion of your channel.

You need to top up your account balance and place orders for promotion. 

With the help of the service, you can:

select the target audience you need by criteria — country of residence, age, gender and other characteristics;

output videos to the top of the search for key queries;

wind up any user activity;

increase visual activity — the number of views of videos, the number of comments, likes, reposts. 

The start of orders on the service is automatic. After replenishing your balance and placing an order, it should be completed within a few hours or days, depending on the volume and type of service.

In the "Services and Prices" tab, select the Youtube section. Below is a list of services that you can order:




Likes on comments;



Live broadcast.


For each service there is a description where the start time is specified in detail, how many days the warranty for the service, if there is one, speed, targeting parameters.

The pricing policy varies depending on the quality of the service, the stability of the server and the start speed.

Advantages of this service:

do you plan the expenses yourself;

payment upon completion of the service;

the minimum deposit amount is 10p.;

coverage of a large target audience;

availability of bonuses for replenishment of the balance, discounts and promotions for services.


You can order ads from bloggers for your channel. You should choose a thematic blog, the price will depend on the number of subscribers and the popularity of the blogger. At your discretion, choose a convenient advertising format, discuss and place an order. After that, be sure to analyze the results to assess the quality of promotion.

There are many ways to promote your Youtube blog. You can choose one method or combine them, the main thing is to try and success will definitely come!